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Cross-Country Moving

Cross-Country Moving

Going across the country to start a family, enter a promising business venture, or simply live the dream is not the easiest task. If you own a house or building in your old location, you still need to think if you should put it on lease or liquidate it. In case you have plenty of new appliances or work equipment that you cannot get rid of, you ought to figure out a way as well to take all of them once you move.

While the initial problem is beyond our expertise, the second one is something that our professional movers at Cartier Moving Services can truly help you with now. We made sure to obtain certifications from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) to be of service to clients who want to move long distance. Every personnel in the company that goes out of the state has both liability and motor vehicle insurances too.

As for packing your stuff, you may leave that job to us. Show us every furniture, appliance, or decoration that you want to bring during the move, and we will wrap and box it for you. We will even put a label on each container and secure the ones holding fragile pieces in the truck so that there will not be a case with broken stuff.

In case you cannot wait any longer to relocate and stay in your new space across the country, give Cartier Moving Services a ring for a FREE, no-obligation estimation.