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Art and Antique Moving

Art and Antique Moving

One of the complications with moving art and antiques is handling them right, that is why you should rather go for a moving service that understands the value of paintings and vases. For artworks and antiques to maintain their worth, you have to pay some attention to keeping them valuable, so moving them might also pose as a difficulty for you. Cartier Moving Service can take care of this.

Whether you are a collector or you have a few significant artworks and antique items you want to move, you can trust our skilled movers to get all your treasured possessions including the fragile sculptures to your new home without any accident or damage.

Other moving companies may box up your valuables in cartons and send them on their way, but we want your items intact and scratch-free, so instead of the regular packaging, we have unique boxes for art and antiques, but before that, we cover each of them with glassine, properly wrap them in a bubble and add all the required protections.

While we move your items, we select the ones with loose or detachable parts, pack them one piece after the other, and put them in their original cases or the special boxes we have prepared for you. Every part of your paintings and antiques have to be in their right places, so we would re-attach the pieces together when they are safely delivered to your new house.

Some masterpieces may be sensitive to heat, which is why we move arts and antiques, using only climate-controlled trucks. Cartier Moving Services are ready to offer you their best; we are waiting for you, contact us and receive a FREE, no-obligation estimate.