Cartier Moving Service

Commercial Storage

When you are moving offices or manufacturing locations, it is highly possible that you want to begin the transition before the new workplace is even 100% ready for occupancy. Some floors may still be under construction, while other rooms are only being painted as we speak. For that reason, you may have a lot of supplies and heavy machinery, respectively that litter the useable spots in the building.

The downside of such a scenario is that the employees will not be able to move freely and acclimate themselves to their new environment. If they do not need to shimmy in between apparatuses, they might need to constantly lift and put stuff down to go from one room to another. That routine, of course, can be very exhausting, primarily since they also have real projects to finish.

What you can do to solve this issue is store all the equipment that you cannot use still in Cartier Moving Services’ facilities. We have spacious units built specifically for clients like you as we understand that relocating folks do not always have the new space completely prepared for the move. Many tend to wait for a few weeks to have the carpets installed or the walls painted, for instance, and that’s how long they usually require another warehouse for the commercial supplies.

There is currently no limit to the size of the machinery that we can put in storage for you. Assuming you want to get a FREE, no-obligation estimation for it now, contact us today!